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Web design made simple

Web design is a simple process. Over the years the concept of a web page has been pretty well defined. It looks a certain way, based on one of a few basic forms. Nothing ever really begins from scratch. Seth Godin points this out in a recent post. I disagree with the idea of "good enough" in anything, the work should reflect the best you have to give, but Godin's point is well taken that web design is not a start-from-scratch process. Godin is also right asserting that developers not be invited to the table unless the design is complete. I've built more websites than I can count, and have yet to encounter a desgin that is "unbuildable." The argument is often made that developers must be involved in the design process to ensure a buildable design, but I don't see it. A developer who knows his craft can build anything, it's just a matter of how long and how much. Web development is no different from any other art form. The practiced hand builds the effective site, and we can't hedge our bet by meddling in the design process.



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My top 6 Portland art galleries

Web design made simple

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